Homeownership Case Studies

These case studies focus on increasing families' buying and borrowing power, especially through homeownership education and counseling. Pre-purchase homeownership education helps families navigate the complicated home-buying process and improve their credit and debt profile so they can access more private-market mortgage capital at reasonable rates. It is important to marry this "pre-purchase" strategy with a "post-purchase" homeownership education and counseling strategy designed to help existing homeowners retain their homeownership status in the face of confusing mortgage products, home maintenance challenges, rising interest rates, and rising property tax bills. Especially in light of the rising use of complex adjustable-rate and non-conventional mortgage products, the longevity of families' buying and borrowing power may be at risk without foreclosure prevention programs designed to help keep them in their homes. Finally, communities can help families afford the full costs of their homes by reducing the amount of money families spend on home energy needs.

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Bridge to Success: Contract for Deed Program

Bridge to Success is a new and remarkable approach to homeownership – a combination of education and counseling that aims to revitalize the potential owner's credit and increase their ability to borrow when the time comes and they are more financially secure.

City of Woodbury

The City of Woodbury created a home improvement loan fund specifically to remove blight, encourage home renovation and increase home values. Low-interest loans of up to $25,000 are available to qualified families who earn no more than 80 percent of area median income.

Come Home 2 Edina

Come Home 2 Edina is a second mortgage program crafted to meet the current requirements of the mortgage industry for home purchases in the City of Edina, Minnesota. Up to $60,000 is available to eligible homebuyers within qualified areas of the City. The program is funded by the Edina Housing Foundation, a non-profit created by the City of Edina HRA in 1985.

Minnesota Homeownership Center

The Minnesota Home Ownership Center leads a network of 50 agencies across the state. These agencies offer homeownership education and counseling. The Center ensures consistent, high quality programming for any interested Minnesotan.

Minnesota Foreclosure Partners Council

The Minnesota Foreclosure Partners Council was convened in January 2007. The goal of the program is to facilitate a rapid, coordinated response to the mortgage foreclosure crisis affecting Minnesota. In order to take action the Minnesota Foreclosure Partners Council, is working with many key private, non-profit, and public partners.

Woodbury Foreclosure Purchase Plan

The objective of the Woodbury Foreclosure Purchase Program is to encourage the purchase of foreclosed properties in the City of Woodbury by providing financing to low- and moderate-income purchasers. Low-interest, deferred loans of up to $25,000 are available to qualified families who earn no more than 115 percent of area median income, capped at $90,000 per household.