Anoka Homestead

Photo Credit: Anoka Housing & Redevelopment Authority

Photo Credit: Anoka Housing & Redevelopment Authority

The redevelopment area around the Northstar Station in Anoka has had a history of industrial uses/zoning dating back to the late 1800s. The City’s vision for the 100 acre redevelopment area is for transit oriented development and to take advantage of the Northstar rail line. In 2009 the City undertook the task of rezoning the area to Transit Oriented Development (TOD).

Within that district are two sub-districts; Transit Oriented Development; Employment Emphasis and Transit Oriented Development; Residential Emphasis. Transit oriented development in general creates a mix of housing, retail, offices, civic and entertainment in the area. The TOD Employment Emphasis District is intended to facilitate the creation of a high employment area in relatively close proximity to the rail station area. This district targets office, commercial, service and high density multiple family uses. The TOD Residential Emphasis District is intended to facilitate the creation of compact, pedestrian-oriented neighborhoods. The resulting neighborhood would be predominantly residential in nature but may include existing uses or new compatibly-scaled commercial areas.

This base TOD zoning will guide the future of this area both with land use and zoning regulations which encourage reduced setbacks, minimal parking, enhanced building materials and open space along the Rum River.

Photo is of the Volunteers of America, Homestead at Anoka project which was completed in 2013 and located within this redevelopment area.

For more information, contact:
Anoka Housing and Redevelopment Authority
Carolyn Braun, Planning Director

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