Chaska Clover Ridge

Photo Credit: City of Chaska

Photo Credit: City of Chaska

The City of Chaska created Clover Ridge as a planned development within their zoning code. The goal of the project is to provide a mix of housing types within a new traditional neighborhood framework.

Clover Ridge is comprised of four different neighborhoods with varying levels of density, price and housing styles. The four neighborhoods are Clover Preserve, Clover Ridge, Traditions at Clover Ridge, and Clover Field.

For example, in Clover Preserve sidewalks and street trees are abundant, but one finds a more suburban pattern dominating: larger lots, conventional suburban house "styles," and front-loaded garages. However, within Clover Field there are much higher densities and choices including some modular built homes and rental housing built next to an elementary school and a central park.

These different housing types support the community goal of housing for single individuals, couples and families with children at several price points for area residents and newcomers.

In addition, the city overtly attempts to place some of the more affordable housing closest to the community shared amenities. This can help to preserve housing value and enhance the integration of affordable housing into the neighborhood.

Click here to see a slide of the development plan.

For more information on the Clover Field development contact:
Kevin Ringwald
Chaska Director of Planning & Development
(952) 448-9200

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