Live MSP is an informational and marketing initiative that focuses on attracting and retaining residents in all of the neighborhoods of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. It was established in August 2008 with seed money from the Family Housing Fund and organizational support from the City of Minneapolis and the City of Saint Paul.

Live MSP was launched during the sub-prime mortgage crisis at a time of rising foreclosures. It has become a component of both cities' foreclosure recovery plans. It has a strong role in the marketing and repositioning of neighborhoods to prepare the housing market for a rebound.

Live MSP takes into account the growing trend of using the internet as a tool to find housing. According to a 2008 survey by the National Association of Realtors, more than 90 percent of homebuyers aged 44 or younger used the internet during the home buying process. Launched in April 2009, is an online portal where users can:

- Find the only comprehensive directory of home purchase and renovation incentives available in both cities,

- Explore all 100+ Minneapolis and Saint Paul neighborhoods through detailed profiles with photos, links, and interactive maps,

- Learn more about buying a home,

- Browse available properties from non-profit housing developers and traditional real estate listings,

- Watch videos and peruse photo galleries,

- Submit a neighborhood testimonial, and

- Get more involved in city life.

In addition to the website, Live MSP also promotes city living, neighborhood events, and new housing programs through:

- Web-based outreach using social networking sites -Facebook and Twitter - and a bi-monthly e-newsletter, and

- In-person outreach through participation in housing fairs, community events, real estate industry meetings and trainings, and more.

For more information contact
Live MSP Program Director
John Bailey
(651) 315-1477