Richfield Transformation

Photo Credit: City of Richfield

Photo Credit: City of Richfield

Transformation Homes is a Richfield HRA loan program to encourage large-scale renovations with the goal of neighborhood preservation. To be eligible for funding the renovation must be valued at $50,000 or more. The program provides a zero percent interest, 30-year deferred loan that covers 15 percent of total project costs, up to $15,000.

A "home transformation" means a major home remodel, which increases its livable space and its value. Residents who know the benefits of the community are choosing to adapt their existing homes to meet their current needs. The Transformation Homes Loan was developed to provide incentives for homeowners or homebuyers in Richfield to begin major remodeling activity.

Program features include:

  • Free remodeling advisor services - initial remodeling advice as well as on-going assistance is provided through a remodeling advisor.

The Transformation Loan. The Richfield Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) characterized the Transformation Loan as an "incentive loan". The incentive is just a little more financing, so that a homeowner may feel equipped to move forward on their remodeling project.

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