Additional Resources

Support Housing Choice:

Report: Mixed Income Housing – An Introduction for the Minneapolis/St. Paul Region (Grounded Solutions Network, April 2017)

Report: Summary of Findings & Recommendations – Minneapolis/St. Paul Region Mixed Income Housing Feasibility, Education, and Action Project (Grounded Solutions Network, December 2016)

Report: Strategies for Affordable Housing along the Central Corridor in Frogtown (Twin Cities LISC, 2011)

Report: Minnesota Baseline Housing Measures (The McKnight Foundation)

Report: When Investors Buy Up the Neighborhoods (Policy Link, 2010)

Report: Harvard’s State of the Nation’s Housing (Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University)

Fact Sheet: Working Doesn’t Always Pay for a Home Fact Sheet (Family Housing Fund, 2015)

Fact Sheet: Affordable Housing Does Not Lower Property Values (Family Housing Fund, 2014)

Report: The Space Between: Realities and Possibilities in Preserving Unsubsidized Affordable Rental Housing (Family Housing Fund, 2013)

Report: Housing Development Process in Minnesota (Jim Solem, 2010)

Report: Rethinking Housing Finance Systems Workgroup Summary (Family Housing Fund et al, 2010)

Report: Reforming America’s Housing Finance Market: The Administration’s Proposal (John McIlwain, 2011)

Report: America’s Rental Housing (Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, 2011)


Land Use:

Tool: Development Ready Guide (ULI Minnesota, 2012)

Article: Don’t Get Mixed-Up On Mixed Use Development (Howard Blackson, 2012)

Book: Visualizing Density (Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, 2007)

Report: Location Efficiency and Housing Type: Boiling it Down to BTUs (US Environmental Protection Agency, 2011)

Report: Redevelopment in the Twin Cities: A Developer’s View (Family Housing Fund and ULI Minnesota, 2011)


Transit Oriented Development:

Tool: Metropolitan Council TOD Development Guide

Project: LISC Big Picture Project

Report: Strategic Acquisition Fund for Transit Oriented Development (Deidre Lal Schmidt, 2011)

Report: Capital Absorption Analysis (Living Cities, 2012)

Report: Filling the Financing Gap for Equitable TOD (Low Income Investment Fund, 2013)

Report: Smart Subsidy in Community Development (Jeremy Nowak, 2013)

Report:  Land Acquisition Funds as a Needed Tool for TOD and Mixed-Income Infill (Center for Transit Oriented Development, 2008)