Getting Started


A full range of housing choices is an integral component of creating thriving, healthy, and connected communities.

The Minnesota Housing Policy Toolbox is intended for elected officials, planners, city/county staff, and citizen volunteers working to strengthen our communities. The Toolbox provides information to help ground practitioners in research-supported practices to improve housing choices. The Toolbox also seeks to inform choice-centered dialogues within the field, as well as between practitioners, policymakers and implementers. Tools and strategies are also included to help policy leaders engage in discussions about the role that housing can play in strengthening our communities and to answer housing policy questions from community organizations, advocates and constituents.

Building better communities by supporting a full range of housing choices takes strong public leadership. Elected officials, planners, staff and citizen volunteers must talk about housing issues in terms of the broader public interest, acknowledging housing’s role in making communities and neighborhoods better places to live and work.

The Toolbox is a collection of best practices from across Minnesota. It is a great starting point to delve into housing policy, but is by no means an end point. We hope the Toolbox will become a springboard for new ideas to develop and solutions that can further position the state and the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul region for a vibrant future.