Support Connected, Healthy, Livable Communities

This section of the Tool Box shares tools and strategies that encourage and support connected, healthy, and livable communities. Livable communities are defined by their level of quality of life, including the availability of a full range of housing options, access to public transportation, natural amenities, jobs and good schools—A successful community takes a sustainable approach to environmental, cultural, and human resources. This is done by encouraging a broad range of physical, cultural, social, and economic opportunities, and taking a context-sensitive approach to planning and development impacts.

Link Transportation Policies and Land Use

Every community, neighborhood, and site is different, and both development and transportation should respond to the unique characteristics and opportunities of each location. Integrating land use and transportation policies are key to providing successful housing and achieving more livable communities.

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Recognize Transportation Costs

Explore various housing and transportation choices and the financial impacts of living closer or further from work to understand the true affordability of location choices.

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Support Active and Healthy Living

Housing located and designed to support active living provides opportunities for residents to make healthy choices and enhances community livability.

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Support Culturally Enriched Communities

Culturally Enriched Communities are a part of planning processes that strengthen an area’s ability to plan for growth in diversity in ways that can position the region to rank among the best in world while improving upon the indicators of disparities.

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Encourage Culturally Sensitive Homes

As our communities become more culturally diverse evaluating new design standards that acknowledge the many ways people of all backgrounds choose to live will create communities that are better prepared for the growing demographic changes.

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Provide Access to Specialized Housing and Serivces

Providers of subsidized housing can increase the likelihood of successful outcomes for vulnerable households if they offer or connect them with services.

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