Support Culturally Enriched Communities

Culturally Enriched Communities are a part of planning processes that strengthen an area’s ability to plan for growth in diversity in ways that can position the region to rank among the best in world while improving upon the indicators of disparities.

What are Culturally Enriched Communities?

Culturally Enriched Communities include environments that support diverse ways of living. recognizing the potential that lies within each individual and group and how places, both public and private, can impact one’s ability to be the best that they can be.

Culturally Enriched Communities allow for the creation of municipalities that can contribute to the prosperity and well-being of all people.

What to consider?

The creation of Culturally Enriched Communities relies on planners, policy leaders, housing developers, and others who feel an obligation to understand those they are working with and are interested in the lives of others.

Professionals working toward Culturally Enriched Communities are willing to move beyond the basics, the comfortable, and the familiar to understand the people they are working with as individuals who change and evolve as they move through their lives. These professionals consider the impact of the designed environment on the construction of marginalization and difference — from limiting the types of foods one can eat, to the relationships one can form, the dress he/she can wear, traditions the family can practice and pass down, and aspirations for the future.

How to implement

Community development programs are committed to the eight Principles of Culturally Enriched Communities and in turn, they consider choice, understand diverse perspective, develop plans and policies and act as agents of change.  Evaluating the eight Principles of Culturally Enriched Communities will position your community to embrace new cultures and tap into the value that they bring in contributing to the community, building new businesses, creating healthy environments and becoming more economically competitive.

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