Preserve Existing Housing & Neighborhoods

The preservation of existing homes, both rental and ownership, is a cost-efficient method to provide quality affordable homes within existing neighborhoods and strengthen the sense of community. By supporting strong preservation policies the most affordable housing in the communities remains an asset that contributes to the overall housing options in a community. The state housing agency, MN Housing offers a multitude of financial assistance to further the preservation of rental housing.

Preserve Rental Options

Affordable rental homes include units that receive government subsidies and those that are lower-cost as a result of age or condition. By working to ensure that these units remain a viable part of the housing inventory, communities can contribute to the preservation of vital affordable housing opportunities for working families and others.

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Preserve Ownership Housing Options

Preservation policies that focus on home reinvestment help to support a positive private housing market as well as community stability. In addition, providing policies for long-term affordability of existing housing provides opportunities for both new and future owners.

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Strengthen and Promote Existing Neighborhoods

Local policy support for neighborhoods help to strengthen citizen communication and marketing of the community, promotes civic pride and public participation and improves the quality of the housing stock.

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Support & Expand Housing Improvement Areas for Common Interest Properties

Supporting the use of Housing Improvement Areas local authority helps to provide affordable alternatives to finance large common interest community improvements over a longer period of time.

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