Support Sustainable Development Practices

Support actions to reduce the region's overall carbon footprint by lowering the impact on of development on the environment, reducing the long-term maintenance of buildings and spaces and providing energy efficiency to lower overall energy costs.

Encourage Green Building Techniques and Policies

Encouraging green building policies in the development and reuse of land helps to foster the creation of healthier and more sustainable housing and increases land use efficiency where limited resources are important to quality communities.

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Encourage Energy Efficiency to Reduce Houehold Energy Costs

Reducing household utility and transportation costs is integral to preserving existing housing. Cities can support the decrease of energy-related household costs through policies and by providing information to property owners, which will benefit the preservation of housing.

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Minnesota GreenStep Cities: Best Practices to Achieve Sustainability Goals

Help cities achieve their sustainability goals through implementation of 28 best practices.

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Promote Sustainable Development Patterns

Increased energy use of low-density development patterns contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. More compact development, redevelopment and increased public transportation options supports housing and environmental goals.

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